A year that is going to make the best of us

The process will be intense, and the results should be fantastic. Simple and fantasti Like the Sun coming out in the morning

This year is to wake up and appreciate sharply, and in all its glory, the evolutionary process in which we are.  The year to cherish silence, deep understandings will be found in listening our inner voice to found truth and wisdom.

This year offers a time of hard work and dedication, committed actions that enable us to get closure on pending subjects. This will take us further in becoming a better version of ourselves and become more aware of transcendence.

Starting from sobriety and moderation, we can appreciate what we have accomplished without losing the sight of what we still need to learn.

Appreciate the magic that surrounds us, without forgetting about our responsibilities.


This way, we can dissolve karmas y go forward thoroughly from the past, the inheritance we received from generations back , towards a bright and timeless future.

This is going to be a year to become an expert in what is most difficult for each of us.  And this way, become a master in being one self. This is the waking up of this year.  Each of us facing without hesitation our own most naturalized neurosis. 


The sleep we are waking from is the one we did not realize we were dreaming.  A waking from  the falsehood we were so used to, that we considered it to be real. Instead of confusion, dispersion and evasion, we want the bright clarity that 2018 brings to shine in our hearts, so we can distinguish precisely and sharply what is real and important to us.


This way we can act upon it and take the leap of personal development and evolution. Steady and calm, without jumping over any step of the process nor rushing.  Mastery takes a process. The waking up is to attain the treasures of virtue that this year puts in our hands. Understand that these treasures are here for everybody.


For anyone who is willing to believe that this is so.  And for anybody willing to connect with his inner wisdom and obey his heart calling and translate them into committed actions, constancy and dedication. All this is going to wake up in us this year.

This year we need to choose carefully what is going to be the object of our love. Whether a project, a life style, an attitude towards life, or something we want to rescue from our history because it is meaningful for us.as always, it is personal.  Each of us knows what moves you and what makes sense.

This year we can tune into our love´s object, as a mission, and our own rhythms. Find the time that each of us needs to accomplish what we set as our goals.  This way, to be loyal to yourself.  The needs you have to consider, the sensibilities you need to process.

It is an exercise of integration and dedication, where we experiment our lives from transcendence and go through the karmas.  Where the magic, synchronicity, emotionality and the practical realm, they all join together in every action we deliver.

Just as the new blooms from plants.  Listening to our hearts and acting from there. Our connection with the universe, the multi verse, colored verses, dancing and in constant expansion, experiment how it is to live on earth and heaven at the same time.

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